What have you been doing since …?

What else do you do?

This is to address that eternal question- What have you been doing since your last position? Well, Duh! – I’ve been looking for work. The jobcentre will confirm that each and every day since my most recent employment is fully accounted for. I have not been detained at Her Majesty’s Pleasure, I have not left the country and I have not been kidnapped by aliens. I still get up at 6am and play with computers, but nobody pays me for it: I just haven’t been employed.

Instead I have been adding value for my benefit and the benefit of my tribe: deploying resources and honing skills, optimising finances and cultivating chi. For those of you who like to pore over details, here’s some:

  • Traded shares: 200% profit
  • Maths tuition for 15 yr old student at expensive private school
  • Cook and First mate on boating holiday(s)
  • Investigated and won back £900 in bank fees
  • Small-time ebay seller : 100% feedback
  • Freelancing: statistical work in MS Excel for a school in Nicaragua
  • VBA programming to add features to a mailing list.
  • Further training in PowerPoint and Access
  • Beta-testing Brainbench tests.
  • Proof-reading cvs and resumes
  • Boarded out the loft and installed light.
  • Wired in a programmable immersion timer
  • Decorating for family: including everything at the top of the ladder.
  • Designing kitchen.

Yesterday I had a call off a recruiter. She asked what I’d been doing since my last job finished in January 2008 – and I replied that I’d been looking for work. But this time I also made a mistake – I mentioned the freelance work.

Straight off, she wanted a revised cv showing the freelance work. Our conversation went downhill rapidly from there, because in no sense does a few days work make a difference to someone out of work for two and half years. Even if the days were paid.

If you don’t place unemployed persons, don’t call me- we have nothing to talk about. If recruiters are to be believed, even 2 weeks is too much for a gap in employment (so best not take that holiday…) But before you go, you should also know why I was offered the contract at D&B – they wanted me for the skills I used ten years earlier. Now that’s a gap.


One Response to “What have you been doing since …?”

  1. “what have you been doing since last job?” Made me laugh, chuckle and smile because those who are employed and never had any gaps in their work history do ask those types of questions.

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