About Me

I am in what used to be called Great Britain.

How I come to be where I am now…


I took 6 months maternity leave when each of my two children were born. Left it til the last minute, knowing I would have to go back full-time to pay the mortgage. Took a massive hit to my credit card each time….

Organised day-come nanny. Went back to work full-time… the first in my industry/company. HR had to go back to the rule book. Men don’t take maternity leave and the electricity supply industry thought they would never need the paragraphs: ‘woman returning to work’.

Got divorced. Acrimonious lawyer, (his), says- if you stay at work you give up the children. How is that a choice? Ex begged me not to give up my job- so that he could have my 3-bedroom town house, the children and a steady income (as well as his g/f, and soon-to-be wife).

So here I am, trying to explain a ten year gap in my career history, without it getting personal.


One Response to “About Me”

  1. I know that it is so very important to align oneself with the best talent. Talent being defined as intellectual and physical ability. In addition, character, integrity and ethics also play a major role.

    Happy Christmas to you and your daughters!

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