The Dolls House Report

May 2014 – purchased Del Prado kit.

May 2014 I gambled £20 and bought a dolls house kit on ebay, on the premise that it was cheaper buying a bundle than spending out £5 a time for flooring paper, for the dollhouse I was renovating.  I planned to cover my outlay by selling the bits I didn’t need, and keep some half decent flooring and maybe lights for my own project. Here’s how we did.

This is my dolls house from 25 years ago which just fits on top of my wardrobe – my grandson spotted it last year. We had been refitting it for a new generation, tiny bits at a time as befits my miniscule budget, when I first noticed Del Prado Dolls House magazine.

Dolls House Project : New dormer window in the roof.

The full set of over 100 issues builds a large dolls house with fittings and furniture. 
Of these I kept flooring, hinges, doorknobs and stair parts – and found an unexpected bonus of dolls house plans included with later issues.  The bathroom got a makeover: with Del Prado bath & wc, flooring and a smart new landing banister.

Dollshouse bathroom August 2015

Del Prado Kitchen table & 2 chairs


Individual furniture issues were difficult to sell – there is much nicer ready-made furniture online– but I recovered my £20 outlay.




Wizard's Loft


Leaving me with enough panels to build a very large dollshouse and, inspired by the Witches Cottage on ebay,  I made this.

Net profit : nil  😦

Value add : £150 🙂


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