What do they really want ?

This is the #2 way we save money at Christmas.

Dear Santa…. Encourage everyone to post their wish lists on their Facebook profile page. It’s what Facebook Notes are for.  Half my problem with Christmas is not knowing what to get DDs, so I used to buy 3 or 4 different presents as a substitute. Guess what?  They were often irked I spent so much on stuff they didn’t particularly want.  And vice versa.

Works because: once you’ve got them what they want,  relax.


My DD has prompted for my wish list this year, so here’s what I’d really like:

Hotel Chocolat

The Sleekster White Selection from Hotel Chocolat
Merrydown cider
Mulled wine
Cherries in liquer
Glycerine soap from the Bodyshop
10ml bottle of rosemary essential oil
18” Silver serpentine (snake) chain
Ecco runners in size 41

Last winter I won a Hotel Chocolat Wreath & Double Layer Selection box, and their chocolates are to die for.  😛   Whilst happy to share the Large Chocolate Wreath, I saved the Selection Box thinking to have one choc each day to brighten January – you can guess how that went.   I am appalled that I didn’t take a pic until half the top layer was gone: I blame the poor lighting and getting to grips with a new camera they were delicious.  And the box was so pretty: I hope I saved it somewhere.

The last item – Ecco runners – are my winter boots and I am having trouble finding a reasonable pair under £20 on ebay this year.  I have heeled boots, but prefer Ecco’s comfy flats.   Maybe they’ve suddenly become fashionable 😦


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  1. Hotel Chocolat is the best….D once splashed out and bought me one of their Easter eggs, and the box it came in was so cute (like a little hat box) I still have it. I hope you get all you wish for and more!

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