Christmas card making

You might have noticed that I am operating on the proverbial shoestring- always up for ways to add value but only ever window-shopping. I rarely have money in my purse.  Last month though, I took the plunge and allowed myself a treat – £5 for 5 issues of Cardmaking & Papercraft magazine.  Their free gift of Hunkydory paper and toppers last February kept me in birthday cards all year and I was/am hoping my 5th issue will have a similar free gift.  But I didn’t have to wait that long!   November’s issue (on the shelves still until 30 October) includes a generous Christmas stack and I have been busy already.

Hunkydory Christmas cards 2014

An easy plain square, and a folded front.  Oops! I left the pink envelope in.

Handmade Christmas cards 2014

Another folded front, and an A5 card.  I felt terribly guilty cutting the poinsetta from one of the toppers, but I couldn’t think of any other way to hide the top left corner where the edge strip was too short!

I’m looking forward to making more cards over the next few weeks.  What do you think ?

What was your most recent treat, and was it a bargain?


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  2. These cards are lovely! 🙂 You couldn’t get a card like these for less than £3 quid in the shops could you?

    My mum makes her own cards and its a great hobby – and you do get lots of freebies in the magazines I’ve noticed! 🙂 – which is Brill!

    Natalya @ Cottage Retreatist

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