Tomato relish

Tesco made a big mistake this week – they stopped stocking a tomato relish, otherwise known as hamburger relish.  Too late I found where they had moved the salsa, because by then I had detemined to make my own.  How hard can it be?

Tomato Relish

Tin of tomatoes; tomato puree abt a third of a tube; 1 onion, minced; teaspoon of mustard seed; vinegar & sugar.  The vinegar was leftover from a jar of pickled onions, and I added a fragment of pickled ginger; some crushed dried chilli; and the last spoonful of Sharwoods Szechuan sweet chilli sauce – all languishing in the fridge.

Mince the onion, a manual mincer is fine for this.  Put everything in the pan except the vinegar and sugar, and go easy on the chillies.  Stir and heat to a slow simmer, then add vinegar & sugar & simmer gently til thick.

Vinegar, sugar & sterilised jars will keep this for longer if you are making a bigger batch, but my 2 x 12oz jars are for immediate use and will keep in the fridge well enough.

Alternatives – add courgette: twice as much as you have of onion, and call it chutney.



~ by tgroom57 on June 18, 2014.

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