My Christmas Season: Weeks 1 & 2

Christmas is a season for me, not a one-day event but a whole season. If you don’t read all of this – and it looks like being 2 posts – just take away that one thought. Here are a few of my favourite things, festive traditions old & new.

Week 1: Christmas cards.
I love making Christmas cards from the best bits of previous ones. It embodies my principle of ‘keep the best bits, bin the trash’ which I freely apply to any part of my life. This year I put together some kid kits so my grandson could make his own -and his finished cards came out surprisingly well. Click through to flickr if you would like more details.

Nana's DIY card kit for kids.

Week 2: The Tree.

My daughter wanted a red & white theme so I let her get on with it but oops, we forgot to cover the base until it was too late.   I’ve been banned from using tinsel in case it gets stuck to her gingerbread decorations, and the bead chains are proving too much temptation for the 3yr old. So ‘my’ tree looks a little different this year.

I leave a bowl of extra decorations underneath the tree-  meaning I can stop when I’ve nearly done, and other people can have a play.   Our tree is a work in progress…

We save our tree for next year – and the decorations, of which we have more than enough in four different colours, but we almost always buy new lights.   My treat is to buy just 3 of the best bauble that catches my eye – but this year’s candidate is £3 a pop.


to be continued…


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