Blackberry Season ! – Jams & Fruit Crumble

It is a very good year for blackberries. I have a cupboard full of empty jam jars and bottling jars and last week I bought extra sugar, in anticipation. All this because pretty soon I will get bored with blackberry crumble (recipe below) – even though hey, it’s food. So here’s what I do with a glut of fruit.

1. Make fruit crumble. Crumble topping is dead easy to make, (4 flour, 2 marg or butter, 3 sugar or to taste) or you can find 30p packs of crumble topping in Tesco – currently on offer.

2. Bottle for future crumbles. Or freeze, except that I don’t have a freezer, but if I did I would pack up a lunchbox with berries for a few weeks time when the apples are in season. Bottling is slightly more tricky- a bit like jam making but with less cooking and less sugar, and to compensate I keep the jars in the bottom of the fridge.


3. Jam. Is really easy once you pick the right fruit, or combination of fruits, to get the jam to set. I’ve made up a small pot of strawberry jam – see pic – but strawberry alone makes a runny jam and you are unlikely to have free redcurrants. Blackberry and apple makes good jam: 4 lb blackberries with 2 lb of cooking apple and when they are cooked and soft add 6 lb of sugar; or smaller quantities in the same proportion.
Full instructions on bbc website here and more briefly here

A word of caution here – never get hot jam on a ceramic hob. I’m told it eats through the glass and I love my Tricity hob to bits, so I can’t tell you if it does.

~ by tgroom57 on August 25, 2013.

One Response to “Blackberry Season ! – Jams & Fruit Crumble”

  1. Thank you so much for posting this for me! will bookmark this post. I was thinking blackberry and apple, now I know the quantities 😀

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