Charity shop finds – crockery treasures

What do you eat off when there’s no money ?

Here’s some china – the more interesting because it was mostly found for £1 a piece -or less- in local charity shops. Not all at once, obviously, and not on every visit – but snipped up when the pieces slipped through the net that registers value. If you are interested in the patterns -and mercenary details- you can click through to the big picture on flickr.

Crockery #1

Like many of the unemployed: treasures, destined for the scrap heap unless someone recognises their worth or appreciates their usefulness, or both.
So much good stuff is just thrown away.

For instance, see the 2 flowery cups on the right ? When I first saw the full 4 place setting for £4 I couldn’t afford it (& I didn’t need it) and I felt sure it would make a nice surprise for someone. A week later it was still there, and the staff said it would go in the bin if not sold. That was a while ago, but the plate in the foreground – equally valuable, and even more rare – was just last month.

I suppose the message here is not to rush down to your local charity shop & snap up a bargain – but that you can have beautiful things even when your budget (or lack of it) suggests otherwise.

I’ve shown you mine, now show me yours.

~ by tgroom57 on August 24, 2013.

One Response to “Charity shop finds – crockery treasures”

  1. This post inspired by seeing the unruly collection that @MsJackMonroe used for her upcoming book on frugal food.

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