£10 Budget Food shop

Here’s my food shop for this week – I did very well thanks to some reduced items at Tesco – but for each of these one-off reductions I will also say what I would normally buy instead. The total food shop shown here cost less than £9. Remember this is a ‘rolling’ week, so I still have several items in the cupboard from previous weeks i.e. tea and/or coffee, salt, spices, possibly butter. I will have onions and eggs left over for next week – the eggs are a big bonus for me as they are breakfast.


£10 food shop - week 1

The noodles, pastry case and milk are all full-price items: my treat last week was lemon pie filling but I didn’t have the eggs or pastry case.

Good reduction on the onions, otherwise I would have only had 2. The green beans –whoa 445gm! – come out of my budget of £1 that I would usually spend on broccoli. Noodles with greens and/or thin-sliced carrot make a very reasonable supper or the veg part of a dinner.

Black grapes reduced too, and the pack was full when I bought it! but almost as good are Tesco Everyday value green grapes. I would have omitted apples if they hadn’t been reduced, but these were too good a bargain to pass up. At other times of the year I collect apples and other fruit for free. Fruit loaf, also reduced, is this week’s treat on account of the extraordinary savings made today. My daughter and grandson are both happy to eat fruit loaf on its own but it is excellent with jam.

Eggs are where I made the best saving. I’ll keep them in the fridge and have one or two (fried) for breakfast every day. They go well with home-baked potato wedges. I’ll easily have one box left for next week which means I’ll be £1 ahead.

The chicken is not just a chicken! Cook carefully and you can save the fat for baking, such as potato wedges mentioned above, or frying eggs. Chicky makes 5 portions and the scraps go into a noodle meal. If you really can’t live without them, Tesco do 2.5kg potatoes for £1.20 (this week at least) which will round up your total spend to £10.

~ by tgroom57 on May 20, 2013.

One Response to “£10 Budget Food shop”

  1. This is great! I suspect it takes a lot of work to find the cheapest, reduced items, but worth it if you can save so much money and eat well. You’ve got some bargains there! I often see value veg bags at my greengrocers, the ones that are looking a bit sad. Will have to see what I can do with those, might be a good challenge to come up with tasty recipes!

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