October – where did October go ? I blinked and suddenly the fireworks are over and it’s the run-up to Christmas.  My bag situation (see last month) might be sorted – I have been promised a new bag for Christmas – but I am still half-inclined to fix up the old one.  Thwarted in my mission to splurge on a new bag, I couldn’t resist treating myself to this :

Enchanted Christmas card
I am smitten with the Papermania Enchanted range for making Christmas cards.  If you decide to have a go you will also need sticky pads from poundland.

But the singular advantage of this post being so inexcusably late is that I now have the link for Jacquie Lawson’s animated Advent Calendar : another treat (sigh) and one I hope will enchant my grandson.

Advent Calendar c 1997I will also be sharing with him our family Advent Calendar (right) but whether it will survive the ordeal – who knows? Good job I have a couple spare 😉

I’m finding new delights on my Sony Ericsson Xperia phone- the most significant of which is synching it with my Google+ calendar.  I’ve never had (used) a calendar on my phone before and this is something of a new experience for me.  Thankfully the phone doesn’t count the days to Christmas…

November’s Challenge, just in case you were wondering, is to find enough space in my living room to raise a 5ft xmas tree. At the time of writing, my living room looks very much like Santa’s workshop in the rush hour.

Want to join in ? Nip along to the link below!


~ by tgroom57 on November 14, 2011.


  1. Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat…

    Yay! good luck with your extremely worth while challenge 🙂

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