September was fun- far too much fun for me to get any work done. I did a bit of sewing, that’s all. Distracted ! I should say. Hot on the heels of the Amazon win, Sony Ericsson drew my name for a sparkly new Xperia X10 phone. I had barely enough time to upgrade the sim card before being whisked away on a private yacht (only slight exaggeration) for a glorious week afloat with a good friend.

October 2011

Back home, it is time to admit that my trusted companion of the last 30 years has expired.  I’ve mended this, my favourite bag, twice but this last is truly beyond me.  I don’t know what will replace it.

I have two bags in a similar design but neither are leather, and I’m not sure I even need such a big  bag any more (especially since the style is now fashionable). Mine had just 2 zip compartments, one inside & one under the flap, and room for a pair of shoes (just). I can’t bear the thought of a twee grandma bag with pockets everywhere and ubiquitous magnetic catches. Maybe I should take a class in working with leather …

October’s challenge therefore, is to sort out the bag situation.

Nip along to the link below and join in.




~ by tgroom57 on October 7, 2011.


  1. << If Mulberry did the Alexa in this leather I would have my heart's desire.

  2. […] blinked and suddenly the fireworks are over and it’s the run-up to Christmas.  My bag situation (see last month) might be sorted – I have been promised a new bag for Christmas – but I am still half-inclined […]

  3. Great 🙂 good on you, wonder what you’ll win next 😕

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