September, already nearly a week gone.  I’ve been pleasantly delayed by a windfall from My Cup of Tea : winning some Amazon vouchers for sending in a recipe. Yes, windfalls make it onto the Hot100 List  too.  But with only 44% achieved can I add more than 4% this month?  I’ve made a good start with +1% in the first week

#unlisted : bit more off the hedge. I am pleased to report the controlled descent of the last of the bay tree leaders, now standing at 6 ft.  But there is plenty of scope to cut back some more.

#44 More space in the lounge/diner.   Turns out the babywalker was on loan from a friend, so it is going back this week. Hooray !  This month’s focus is to fit an extra shelf to a bookcase- which would be easy but for the need to get to B&Q and is really only possible by car.  I don’t have a car – I’ll have to talk nicely to darling daughter.

Singer 2001

#unlisted : Reinstate Sew-sew Sunday.  Babysitting has cut across my weekends and my sewing projects are starting to pile up.  My first task is to neaten the hem on a summer skirt, something I would normally use the over-edge foot for.  Except it has gone missing.   I am interested to see how else I might do this.  Or I might just order up another foot.

#31 halve my catalogue account.  Currently standing at £48, this payment is just a bit out of my comfort zone and somewhat ambitious.  But it has to go because 40% APR is too much to pay.  Btw, I’m not clearing this in time for Christmas- I am getting rid of it for ever.

A question for you: If you had £50 to spend on Amazon, what would you buy?


Nip along to the link below and join in.



~ by tgroom57 on September 6, 2011.


  1. Ooh, lucky you winning the vouchers! Maybe you could use them to get a new foot for your sewing machine? Good luck with the new challenges 🙂

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