What happened to August – where did it go ? I’ve seldom seen a month pass so quickly and with so much happening. Some of my personal challenge went well, and some fell ever–so-slightly short.  I am surrounded by boxes as we speak.

#36 Improve BMI : My target was to stay under 12 stone 8lb (175 lb) for the whole of August and -except for 2lbs after an 8oz steak – all measurements were within the agreed parameters.  I am no heavier than when I started. That’s good.

plum crumbleThat’s amazing when I take into account how many fruit crumbles I’ve eaten.

#unlisted : finish chopping down the Bay tree. Not quite. I have been majorly distracted by the ongoing harvest of blackberries, plums and apples, but the bay tree trunks are coming down nicely. 1 to go. The Bay tree is to the right of picture. I’ll try not to fall off the ladder for this last one.

Bay Tree

#18 Payment for work done : a total breeze. My Excel graphs were a winner- many thanks !  If only I could do this more often !

#41 More space in the lounge/diner – #fail.  Soon after I penned the challenge, my daughter decided to clear out her garage. All her baby stuff came round mine, and half of it still awaits a resting place.  However, I have decided I would rather store it here than have her take it down the skips.  This is only my first grandson, after all. There could be more to come.

August has been a good month for me and I am well pleased with the outcome. I just really, really need somewhere to put the babywalker.


~ by tgroom57 on September 1, 2011.


  1. I am just starting out and want to get a blog started..

  2. What a productive month! Well done you. I also have a baby walker up for grabs now said baby can walk unaided. Am hoping to palm it off *cough* I mean lend it to some friends. Then my niece, then my nephew…

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