I might have mentioned previously that I write update a Hot100 List in January.  I am steadily working through that but progress has slowed to a trickle with only 40% achieved.  To spice things up a little I’m sharing my personal challenges for August.

#36 Improve BMI : If I breathe in, strip naked, and take off a pound for the enormous weight of my hair, I can make 12st 8.  My challenge is to stay under this weight for the whole of August.  12st 8 is one of my tipping points, if I can stay below then the next tipping point after this is 11st 10.  But I do so like an Eton mess and I have at least one dinner out in the next few weeks.

#unlisted : finish chopping down the Bay tree  laurus nobilis  at the side of the house, before it becomes the side of the house.  Ladders, hand saw… plasters…

#18 A persuasive conversation about a job every month (interview or test).
Or quite possibly, payment for work done- might that also count?
I am trying to measure here how much closer I am to getting work, so winning a small piece of work will definitely count.  Maybe I can get a reference out of it too.  But- I had the persuasive conversation last week, so can I count one for last month and then the payment count again as one for August ?

#41 More space in the lounge/diner  An ongoing problem.  If I’m going to fail on any of these challenges, I’d prefer to fail this one.


Nip along to the link below and join in.




~ by tgroom57 on August 1, 2011.


  1. It’s almost the end of November. Every year is coming extremely fast. ;(

  2. […] where did it go ? I’ve seldom seen a month pass so quickly and with so much happening. Some of my personal challenge went well, and some … […]

  3. I like this; can I steal the personal challenge idea and implement it in my McCrabby Rants blog?? By the way, what does a stone weigh?


    • Yes Curt, I’d love you to. A stone weighs 14 pounds: I currently weigh 175 pounds (before a freshly-picked blackberry crumble for tea).

  4. thanks for joining in and good luck with all your challenges. especially the getting paid one 🙂

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