Question of Tax

I lost it recently, I really did.  It took me several days to calm down, and since then I have gradually come to the conclusion that I misheard or misunderstood what my daughter was saying over the phone.

She rang me asking for details of her employers over the last 6 years.  A bit of probing revealed that she was working her way through the ‘employee benefits’ package and had come across a company offering to check to see if she was due a tax rebate.  On a no-win, no fee basis.

Like a bullet train once she gets going, I had barely time to digest this before she was reading the small print at the bottom of the page, with her finger poised to click ‘submit’.

-I’ve just got to read this, Mum, and then I can send it.
“Vat is 20% and our fee is 49p in the £1 on any refund due to you…”

I can’t tell you if she clicked or not, because the next few minutes I was SHOUTING through a red haze.  I routinely check my tax and have claimed back both hundreds and smaller amounts- including the time the tax office counted one employment twice.  I checked a friend’s tax for him and found he was owed £500 – all he had to do was write to the tax office.  How could anyone think about paying for this elementary service ? How dare this company cream 50% off my daughter’s refund !

I blame the government:

  • For making the tax system more complex
  • For loss of numeracy in schools and
  • For failing to hire competent officials in the tax office

All these things conspire against us and the end result is that a large chunk of the population will never find out if they’ve paid too much income tax.


Here’s my favourite site for calculating UK income tax (PAYE):

Fish out last year’s P60 –it lists what you earnt that year and what you paid tax on – and check the whole year earnings.  Keep your P60’s forever.

And just in case you think I made this up, here is a link to a site nearly as bad as the one my daughter found.   (clickable)

‘Our confidential tax refund service is offered on the following basis:

  •      No tax refund = No fee
  •      For every £1.00 refunded, you receive 59 pence’

It’s your money(oooh I’m off again…)

~ by tgroom57 on June 9, 2011.

One Response to “Question of Tax”

  1. Yes, the government is to be blamed. Thanks for making me proactive!!bose

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