Stage 5…?

I have been unemployed too long.  3 years, one and a half months.  What have I been doing since my last (paid) job? The answer is here – but you could be forgiven for thinking I have been running a one-man QA exercise on Jobcentre Plus.

Jobseekers Regime and Flexible New Deal *

There are 4 stages in JRFND:

  • Stage 1: (0-3 months) Self managed job search including Back to Work group sessions.
  • Stage 2: (3-6 months) Directed job search – typically after 3 months.
  • Stage 3: (6-12 months) Supported job search with mandatory activities and sanctions for failure to comply.
  • Stage 4: (12-24 months) entry to the Flexible New Deal and work with a Provider.

So: what comes after Stage 4?
I have come to the end of JSA Stage 4 – and they don’t know what comes next.

I suspected something was amiss when the computer caught a case of hiccups and invited me in for a six-monthly review – 3 times in two months.  Today, Aseem put in a workaround which will shunt me off to service provider #4.  He didn’t say for how long: except that it was pending the government’s new initiative.  They said that last October.

What happens next Monday:

98% certainty-

  • I have an induction session with service provider #4.
  • They will ask everybody if they have brought a cv, and I will be the only one.
  • We will all be required to take elementary English and number tests….
  • …including anyone who has brought along their GCSE / A level certificate.
  • I should have an anger management option before Monday.

The only variable, and therefore interesting thing- will be how many computers they have, how much time I get on them, and whether the printer works, if at all.

2% certainty-

  • They will be able to pay the cost of my bus fare on the day.

*Excerpt taken from:
Published 23 December 2009

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  1. Great pictures.. Love em; and thanks for the comments on my blog, and for reading so regularly.. All the best to you — have a great weekend.

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