Another Interview…

Another week, another interview- but there is a big difference this time. I know this interview won’t be cancelled. It is for a work placement and has been arranged for me under Flexible New Deal: a Jobcentre scheme.

I’ve spent a day looking at transport options for a 9am start, made notes, printed off my cv (don’t they see it ahead of time?) and now have only to worry about what to wear.

I don’t possess a suit, so that narrows it down, and anyway wouldn’t a suit be overdressed for a retailer? It’ll be the black trousers, grey silk top, and leather jacket. Footwear is a problem: I can’t wear boots this time, but I must wear a heel with these trousers and my pewter peep toes –which would be perfect- have died. What does that leave?

Oh dear.
My favourite heels


~ by tgroom57 on August 2, 2010.

One Response to “Another Interview…”

  1. Tricia – I think cowboy boots are proper in every situation. But I must say, I love the shoes in the picture above. Those speak VOLUMES! Best wishes for the job hunt! Breathe! And feel the excitement! You are on a New adventure!

    all the best,

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