What have you been doing since …?

What else do you do?

This is to address that eternal question- What have you been doing since your last position?  Well, Duh! – I’ve been looking for work.  The jobcentre will confirm that each and every day since my most recent employment is fully accounted for.  I have not been detained at Her Majesty’s Pleasure, I have not left the country and I have not been kidnapped by aliens.   I still get up at 6am and play with computers, but nobody pays me for it: I just haven’t been employed.

I have been adding value for my benefit and the benefit of my tribe: deploying resources and honing skills, optimising finances and cultivating chi.  For those of you who like to pore over details, here’s some:

  • Traded shares: 200% profit
  • Maths tuition for 15 yr old student at expensive private school
  • Cook and First mate on boating holiday(s)
  • Investigated and won back £900 in bank fees
  • Small-time ebay seller : 100% feedback
  • Freelancing: statistical work in MS Excel for a school in Nicaragua
  • VBA programming to add features to a mailing list.
  • Further training in PowerPoint and Access
  • Beta-testing Brainbench tests.
  • Proof-reading cvs and resumes
  • Boarded out the loft and installed light.
  • Wired in a programmable immersion timer
  • Decorating for family: including everything at the top of the ladder.
  • Designing kitchen.

Yesterday I had a call off a recruiter.  She asked what I’d been doing since my last job finished in January 2008 – and I replied that I’d been looking for work. But this time I also made a mistake – I mentioned the freelance work.

Straight off, she wanted a revised cv showing the freelance work.  Our conversation went downhill rapidly from there, because in no sense does a few days work make a difference to someone out of work for two and half years.  Even if the days were paid.

If you don’t place unemployed persons, don’t call me- we have nothing to talk about.  If recruiters are to be  believed, even 2 weeks is too much for a gap in employment (so best not take that holiday…)  But before you go, you should also know why I was offered the contract at D&B – they wanted me for the skills I used ten years earlier.  Now that’s a gap.

~ by tgroom57 on July 24, 2010.

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