Dear David Cameron…

Dear David,

Thank you for your email setting out your proposed contract for a Conservative government.  I am delighted to hear from you, but I couldn’t help noticing that your contract is lacking in big ideas.

Cutting spending and sending everyone out to work is something I have heard so many times before, but right now your promises miss the BIG ISSUE – there are not enough jobs to go round.  In the same way that ‘owning your own home’ defined a generation, just one idea could provide motivation for this upcoming generation, and the details are already in place in industry, just under-utilised.

Job sharing could solve all our problems (nearly).

Since employers would be splitting the work between 2 sharers, it shouldn’t cost the employers more.  If they took one person off unemployment for each part-share, they could claim incentives.  How many jobs might that open up at no cost?

The employers would have an enlarged talent base to call upon as soon as orders pick up, without having the delay and inconvenience of recruiting and the possibility that the imminent recovery might be a false alarm.  So much easier just to offer extra hours at short notice, than recruit and train a new hire.

Hope you have a busy week: I am sure it will be interesting.


~ by tgroom57 on April 30, 2010.

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