I didn’t get shortlisted – and that’s ok.

I didn’t tell you about the role I applied for over Christmas, because I was so sure I would get an interview. Nothing fancy, this was a library assistant post at £14k but it is one of the few alternative jobs I have held before. And the reason I was so sure – is that the council had just introduced a guaranteed interview scheme for the long-term unemployed.

You know how the employers like you to live locally, but the jobcentre insists you must be flexible about how far you travel to work? And how employers insist that you must have worked the very same job before, even for filling shelves in Tesco? AND how all your in-work acquaintances whisper that ‘you must be prepared to start back at the bottom of the ladder’. This was that job- I can’t go back any further than library assistant because this was my first summer job on leaving school. And it was local and I’d done it before.

We have just learnt the outcome of that application, closing date January 15. Twice I called, and after 2 months I had the growing feeling that maybe I didn’t… I wasn’t…

….well, you know. So I asked my contact at itec to find out from the council why I didn’t get the guaranteed interview under the council’s new scheme.

The first person Louise spoke to in HR couldn’t find the box on the form, so we sent them a copy. They said if it was more than 6 weeks ago it was because I hadn’t been shortlisted, but our girl persisted. Finally we had a reply saying the post had only today been deleted from the Library structure, and therefore the vacancy would not be filled. Or shortlisted.

So that’s ok. Their reassurance that I meet the essential requirements for the post of library assistant bucked me up no end, in a way that probably would also have helped Vicky Harrison. The lesson is this: An employer canceling a post may leave applicants thinking they are unemployable, when a simple email from HR can save them from that despair. A guaranteed interview could save someone’s life.

Spread a little happiness with a guaranteed interview scheme- but if you cancel the position please be sure to tell me, or I will assume the worst.

~ by tgroom57 on April 28, 2010.

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