Feng shui your bedroom

Welcome to the Well of Chi.

I am a big fan of blue in the bedroom, but this blue was so dark it was sucking the light out of the room. I had very little to work with here -not allowed to paint the walls or move the furniture around.
And with only 3 hours before the house was viewed by a potential buyer this room was desperate for a quick fix makeover!

This is what we did- brought in a pale throw to reflect light up from the window.  Change curtains to something light and airy: these are blue and gold on a cream background.  Pinched table lights from downstairs for the bedside tables, and hung a picture on the chimney breast using colours from the room, which is now blue with gold and cream highlights.   The owner is just waking up in it this morning…

What do you think?  Could your room use a makeover?  This cost just £10 – the cost of the picture: the throw was from the other bedroom; the curtains are from my spares cupboard but you can pick up nice curtains for less than £10 in any charity shop.

~ by tgroom57 on March 1, 2010.

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