What is it about interviews? For ‘smart’, read ‘black’.

What is it about February and interviews?

opposite the railway station

I have an interview tomorrow, in London in almost freezing weather – and I am exasperated.   I’ve spent several hours trying on everything in my wardrobe and have come to the conclusion that everything is warm and none of it is smart.

The reverse is true of my footwear – most of it is smart but not warm.

I still don’t possess a winter coat smart enough for interviews.

I’d love to wear my warm, tan, suede skirt (designer) but it’s not black ….

…and I would be more comfortable in my ecco winter boots but they are white and could be easily mistaken for trainers, so I’ve had to break out The New Boots.   Last time I wore new boots I tripped on the first day and scuffed both toes. Woe betide anyone who trips me up tomorrow and scuffs these.

What I’d like to wear-
A warm winter coat, big and black like bf/s coat (I’ll borrow his at a pinch)
My warm, designer, tan suede skirt that makes me feel like a million dollars,
New Boots – match the skirt, and a new bag to match.

What I’m wearing-
My daughter’s coat (it’s black) with a gilet underneath for extra warmth
Black trousers, last season and a bit chilly for winter
New Boots – tan (oops)

I will ‘blend’ this time, except my toes –and they will be under the desk.

Are you sure I can’t wear my sheepskin coat with the fur collar?  It will be black…

~ by tgroom57 on February 3, 2010.

2 Responses to “What is it about interviews? For ‘smart’, read ‘black’.”

  1. So how did the interview go?

    I love the look and feel of your blog. Very classy and stylish.

  2. Tricia, I came across this somehow, read it and smiled. I had an interview today…and it snowed like 3 inches which makes any smart footwear near impossible!

    I don’t get why you didn’t go with the skirt & boots, which sounded nice. You could’ve added tights. Oh well, I wore a black pinstripe pant suit and felt horribly overdressed.

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