Ten things I won’t tell you in an interview

If you really want to know who is sitting across the desk, here’s your chance…

I took an O level in Astronomy –amongst other things- …and got accepted to study Astrophysics at London uni.

My nickname at school was ‘Spockess’ – go figure.

I am a lone wolf.

I do cross-stitch embroidery, but not everyone can see the stitches.

I stroke live bumblebees.

In music lessons I had to mime, otherwise the teacher would stop the class and ask who was singing descant

When I was 9 I planned to build Thunderbird One in the garden shed. Each time I drew the plan, the shed got bigger. (In my defence, I had never seen the shed)

I have a really old friend –old, like a couple of millennia- as a mentor. And he knows about shares.

I doubled my salary the last 2 times I changed jobs.


~ by tgroom57 on October 8, 2009.

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