I don’t sell well

I don’t have an elevator speech, a sales pitch, or an answer to ‘tell me what’s special about yourself’.   There is nothing special about me, and yet my ‘product’ is so unique that it has no market.

I am both unbelievable and perfectly ordinary.
To me, the stuff I do is as natural as breathing.

And I wouldn’t list breathing in a sales pitch.
‘I breathe’, – that’s not going to go down real well.

I don’t think (or talk) about what I do, I just do it.
I never think it’s anything special, to me it’s just a bit of fun,
a chance to try something new, and apply what I’ve learnt.

Right up until someone else sees it, and I get their reaction.
I do remember that.

I’ve been caught out by the reaction twice : once long ago, once recently.
On a month’s work placement I was asked to do some data analysis.
It took me 3 days.
I felt I was slow because some of the Excel functions were new to me.

I learnt afterwards
they had been quoted a week’s work at £1,000 a day, plus VAT,
for what I did.

I still don’t really believe that.
But if that is so, I do unbelievable things.

… they are ordinary to me .


~ by tgroom57 on August 15, 2009.

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