Flying Visits

Why is it that agencies always phone just as you are boarding a train? Or halfway up an escalator, or at check-in? When they have all week to do it -what is so special about Thursday afternoons?

So Thursday afternoon I get a call- can I take a phone interview this evening at 7:30pm. Now this would be no trouble at all – if I weren’t snatching a few golden hours with a very special person and looking forward to a lazy and relaxing dinner in the best company on the planet. So I check, and my significant other agrees that since I need the job I should take the call, and he rearranges our evening around this guy who is so desperate to speak to me.

I agree to everything this guy wants, including going in the following Monday for a trial day- and then hear nothing for nearly a week The agency claims he didn’t like the idea of me travelling all that way. (For the record, it would be no more than I did with the previous contract plus I would have the advantage of the many and varied resources at home. ) Maybe he didn’t appreciate that I couldn’t turn up on his doorstep next morning- I was in Heathrow at the time -see photo. Maybe he wanted me to pack a sleeping bag and sleep under the desk. I am distraught that he would sooner leave me unemployed than give me the chance to solve all his problems.

So anyway, with the benefit of hindsight I have made a tactical alteration to my availability. From now on I will attend any next-day interview, subject to a £50 call-out fee and my travelling expenses.

~ by tgroom57 on May 8, 2008.

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