Canary Wharf

Awesome by day, imposing by night. Cavernous undergound station, hangar-empty by day: vertigo-inspiring escalators just to get to ground level. Ringed by towering skyscrapers: silver status symbols, aloof steel sentinels with barely a breath between them. Almost an alien world.

Far too many people for me to feel comfortable, of course – and all of them wearing black. I fervently wished I had worn my winter coat which would have blended with the dark tide of suits, except that my pale budget trenchcoat somehow made me invisible to them.

At the interview the genie refused to come out of the bottle- we are still in discussion about this. He claims the task was too boring to warrant his attention, and to be fair, I have noticed this before.

So now genie’s task is negotiating our next career move.

~ by tgroom57 on February 1, 2008.

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