Christmas 2007

Christmas was certainly different this year – different, and busy. On the 22nd, I hired a car and fetched eldest daughter from a remote corner of Aberystwyth – driving some 105 miles each way across the welsh mountains. That first night I experienced her winter accomodation for myself and knew she had made the right decision -to leave. We took ages packing all her things in the car, but it was a great weight off my mind when we were home and in the warm. She, in turn, was so pleased to be near a town (any town!) that I didn’t see her for days!

Christmas week I was working from home and it was all a bit of a squash, trying to find space for Hazel’s gubbins in a house already too small for me and her sister. I was a little miffed that she had packed mostly books, fluffy toys and dvds – and left her winter coat behind. Then Zabrina found her a job and if that isn’t amazing enough, both girls are actually getting on ok. Things have worked out well…


~ by tgroom57 on January 29, 2008.

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