A quick catch-up

Is there anything worse than rain on a Bank Holiday? Yes, having to stay in bed with a heavy cold on my one day off, knowing I’ve a week’s ironing to do before I leave tomorrow afternoon. I am home for the weekend and they did actually manage to pay me this Friday – which paid for accomodation, food for the weekend and fares for next week but left none for bills. I must wait another 10 days to go on their normal payroll run which pays out on a Tuesday, and am beginning to wonder why I took the job. Don’t get me wrong, it pays well -but the local economy is doing better out of it than me…

My landlady, on the strength of her new-found wealth, has booked a trip to Poland week after next. She tried to insist I should stay while she was away but I don’t think I want the responsibility of her lovely big house – and of course I would have to cook my own breakfasts. I feel this could be a good week to insist on working from home…

While you’re passing, take a look at Angie’s page on my friend’s list- she has just sold several of her stunning mosaic platters and mirrors to a very discerning and upmarket restaurant. Clever girl!


~ by tgroom57 on May 6, 2007.

One Response to “A quick catch-up”

  1. Hey, at least you will be getting paid some time soon!

    Say well done to Angie for me! I’ll leave a omment on her page too, but it’s always nice to get compliments, and this way she’ll get two!

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