In Free Fall…

How does a seagull feel when it jumps off the cliff -before the wind catches it’s outspread wings? That moment of free-fall? Well that’s where I am now just hoping there will be a good stiff breeze to keep me airborne.

I ‘ve known for some time that the way forward is for me to go contracting, but I haven’t known where to begin (I still don’t). But last week Ryan from Progressive propositioned me. He said I was a close match for the job and he was very good, constantly phoning me to talk through my initial misgivings until we reached the point where the ludicrously impossible seemed merely very difficult and my natural inventiveness kicked in. I’m sure he regards me as very high-maintenance right now, but it is an enormous step for me – right off the cliff.

In the melee, I missed my significant other’s comment about renegotiating the start date and am consequently in his black books for riding roughshod over our next excursion. My black books too actually: I was looking forward to this, and even more so now we have something to celebrate. Anyway, I am in sooooo much trouble yet again and need to think of a very special treat to make it up to him -none of which are printable, by the way. I have told him that next time we negotiate a contract, he can be my agent.

~ by tgroom57 on April 14, 2007.

One Response to “In Free Fall…”

  1. Hmmm… so things do seem to be looking up then. I mean, be honest, unprintable treats must be fun!

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