You can panic now…

Just when I thought February was going to draw a blank on the interview front – along comes a call at lunchtime today. Could I take a formal phone interview Tomorrow or Friday? Oops.

Both days I am off for more excursions on that noble beast a First Great Western train … and in the evening we are out to dinner and celebrating. Still, I’ve squeezed the phone call in for tomorrow afternoon… so if you see a strange woman in a railway station waiting room it will be me.

In preparation and having not done this sort of thing before, I spent all this afternoon working through a list of questions supplied courtesy of which I hope bear some relationship to the ones I will be asked tomorrow. Will I have time to look down the list and find the answers? Heaven knows! Will they ask the couple of questions I’ve left off? Probably! I shall pack a branch of rosemary to calm my nerves.

At least the questions kept me from panicking for another few hours. Almost. There was a lot of good-humoured expletives flying this afternoon, and it wasn’t because of the questions. This has happened once before and the similarities are so striking it is almost a cosmic joke.

I can hear the gods laughing all the way up Olympus.
Wish me well…

~ by tgroom57 on February 28, 2007.

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