A Near Miss…

Well that was a fun way (not) to spend an afternoon.
I went to B. St. agency in Newport because their website listed 3 jobs I felt I was capable of, some for the company I worked for last November. A temporary data analyst £6 an hour, temporary Reporting Analyst at £8 an hour (which looked like it had been written for me based on what I did last time) and a Consultant Analyst £30,000 to £40,000 per annum. (Which I mention in case you, dear reader, can offer anything similar)
Funnily enough both the temporary jobs were ‘oh look that one’s gone’ as soon as I asked about them, and I gave the woman a double dose of my best freezy glares. And another when she popped out with ‘You’re rather overqualified …’ I’m afraid I didn’t hear the rest of her sentence -I imagined her frying in her chair. She had an annoying habit of referring to me as ‘the lady’ rather than using my first name as other agencies do, and that alone earned her several minus points. Plus when she couldn’t think what would be good to say she waved her arms around very unprofessionally and waffled ‘I’m getting this feeling… of ….of..’
Hostility, perhaps? I felt she was trying to bat me back out the door.
‘I don’t want you to feel you have had a wasted journey’, she kept saying, hoping I would deny it.
So there we have it. The one company I might work for had at least 2 vacancies out for me, at pay levels to guarantee my interest, and I missed both of them by about 24 hours. I don’t for a moment suppose that the agency will consider me for the Consultant Analyst position paying £30k to £40k, but I do wonder – how can I be overqualified for that?

~ by tgroom57 on February 11, 2007.

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