Catch this month’s Exclusive Prize!

My Hot100 List is looking good for January, boosted by three phone interviews in the last fortnight and slightly ahead of target for the first month. No job yet, but the Daily Mail published yet another irksome article complaining about the lack of skilled graduates and an acute shortage in the technical sector.

I wish I could meet these employers, because whenever I apply all I hear is that I’m overqualified. That wouldn’t be because of my age or gender, now would it? A bit presumptuous of a woman to be getting an M.Sc. Computing in her 40s? Who does she think she is – with an A grade in Maths? Why isn’t she home cooking dinners?

Being different, ground-breaking, or first to try something new has never cramped my style, but other people’s preconceptions have and they are getting old now, and so am I.

So anyone who can offer me something interesting to work on, or VB cross-training automatically qualifies for this month’s exclusive prize – ‘A Happy Tricia!’ – AND
…quite possiby, a mention in my blog.

~ by tgroom57 on February 2, 2007.

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