A phone call from Seonaid (sounds like Shona)…

On the eve of another excursion, asking if I was free to interview tomorrow for a job starting next Monday – answering phones on the IT helpdesk for an ISP the other side of town(recognise anything yet?) This would involve working shifts til midnight / more than 40 hours a week / for pretty much the minimum wage, and I would need to beg the car off my eldest daughter (which she may already have sold). Could life get any more complicated?

Why couldn’t I get the easy option and have a few months brushing up my Visual Basic with the company just down the road, barely a short bus ride away and 9 til 5?

I’ll keep you posted – just as soon as I read the job description. Something tells me I’m not going to get much sleep the next few nights…


~ by tgroom57 on January 24, 2007.

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