Birdwatch UK

Just as we are sliding into the worst of the British weather is surely the best time to mention the RSPB Birdwatch. Normally held on the last weekend in January you can get a head start now by tempting birds into your garden with tasty treats, but remember- No White Bread!

Always on the lookout for an easy option, I have planted my patch with Downy Birch, a crab apple and wild rose to supply endless food in the winter and now many birds visit besides my resident house sparrows. The oak trees in the background are home to green woodpeckers, but I can’t count them nor the owl I occasionally hear – he used to roost in a nearby leylandii and it took me ages to figure out why his hoot was so loud.

Last year I also spotted one wren and a dunnock, and I did cheat rather by including the flock of 6 long-tailed tits that flew through that week. You can’t miss them, they never stop talking – a bit like my daughter, really.

~ by tgroom57 on January 8, 2007.

2 Responses to “Birdwatch UK”

  1. Yes , Tilly it is my garden, also the snowy picture on my page is my garden too. The houses over the back are someone else’s. There are more piccies in the photo albums… I am glad you liked it. White bread has bleach or something added (to make it white) and has a big bad effect on tiny birds. The birds need to eat loads to get the calories to keep warm on freezy nights…. no c/h in bird nests! Do you have a garden of any sort?

  2. Tilly really loved that and would like to know if it is your garden? She also said the Robin is her favourite because it’s snowing and she could make him a Snowman to sit on!!
    We were both surprised not to give white bread.. Why?
    So, you saw us trecking down to the garden centre yesterday arvo, to buy some seeds, we haven’t really done anything like that before together, (my Mum does it with her at her house)and I just wanted to let you know that we really enjoyed the time together, quality time, doing something different! So thankyou for the Incentive!! x
    Penny’s are tight at the moment, but I’ve promised her (As a prize on her behaviour chart) that we will buy a bird seed holder!

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