Dear Santa…

I am ok for perfume!   I have sourced a drawer-full of my favourites from ebay and am now only missing the perfumed body lotions…. also I have become so fond of my Motorola Razr that I can’t be parted from it, so ‘new mobile phone’ must come off my wish list too.    Perhaps you could fill up the gaps in my stocking with dried fruit- pineapple?

The things I am looking for this year but still haven’t found are as follows:-

Good source of income 
A blue topaz
a Y-shaped waterfall necklace to show off my low-cut tops
Zoom X6 wireless router (up to 125 Mbps wow!!!)

The things I have found -including the red silk pyjamas – are great fun!  I’m still trying to work out how only my size was left.   We could try for a bra next year if you are feeling adventurous….

See you soon!

~ by tgroom57 on December 3, 2006.

One Response to “Dear Santa…”

  1. Adventurous?… Think I’ll leave that one well alone…

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