Most Excel-lent Stuff !!

At last!  Something I can do!  A laptop and some numbers!  Graphs!  Excel!  My truly wonderful sponsor (note the promotion, please) has very nobly let me use his laptop. 

Now, I know that tickling  a usable frequency graph from a heap of raw data is not everyone’s cup of tea and some would surely rather have a tooth pulled, but it’s right up my street -considerably above retail therapy and only just short of hotstuff.    I’ve learnt three times what I already knew about Excel -a bonus in itself, and am a whisker away from automating the process completely so that what previously took a week can be completed before morning tea.

All this comes with my Unconditional Life-time Guarantee as is standard with all my software, but I haven’t told him that yet.  I might mention it on the bottom of the User Instructions -since it is always the last thing they read!


~ by tgroom57 on November 14, 2006.

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