First day back…

I started the work placement today and it was everything mentioned below, and then some.   Safe in the knowledge they will never think to look here, I will fill in a few details….

My sponsor seems very nice -if an impression can be gained at all from the brief handshake and few minutes tour of the building (that will tell you how small it is).   He is efficient, in a way that I recognise but encounter far too infrequently-  and I suspect he is keeping an eye on me from a distance, which suits me very well.     He is ok with my start and finish times, which is a bonus.

The massive open-plan office is possibly my least favourite environment, this one divided by overhead banners and seemingly at odds with its function of answering phones,  but scoring only just above the threshold for distraction.   Maybe it is a metal-framed building.    The corridors are bland and too narrow to linger reading the notices, and the facilities -canteen and restroom- perfunctory. 

I found today’s work intricate but boring – an absolutely dead-end job which I have done before in several guises.  The people are pleasant enough but there is insufficient challenge for me to make a career of it, and I suspect the company may not have the necessary to take me on.

~ by tgroom57 on November 6, 2006.

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