Stock up your medicine cupboard…

Just getting over a double dose of the flu when I noticed the cupboard was getting a little bare – medicine cupboard that is. Here’s Auntie Trisha’s list of essentials to see you through the winter months…

Cayenne pepper
Cinnamon – kills the flu bug -take with baked apple or brandy.
Strepsils, only the Orange flavour though
Olbas oil
Lobelia – herbal tablets, whatever-lobelia is a specific cure for chesty coughs and relieving phlegm, better than all the rest

If you are particularly worried about bird flu then also get in a pack of hayfever (antihistamine) tablets. On their own they won’t save your life, but I did read that it was the body’s *overreaction* to the last strain of deadly flu that killed the most, and maybe the hayfever tablets will help to keep the reaction in check.

If you get ill, please stay home and in the warm, go to bed, conserve heat, and take plenty of fluids. Flu is one thing we really don’t want you to share.


~ by tgroom57 on October 4, 2006.

One Response to “Stock up your medicine cupboard…”

  1. Update from 2010 – the new flu may get worse if you take honey. I haven’t had a chance to explore this properly (and don’t particularly wish to!) so am passing it on as unconfirmed.

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