Check your bank statement…

Aaaah don’t you just hate it when…. well I had one of those moments today.  I phoned the bank to find out why my charges were suddenly so high, and discovered that 2 months ago they decided to charge me £50 extra -monthly-  as a creative solution to their corporate shortfall.  They can -out of the goodness of their heart- put me back on something close to the original rate -from NEXT month.  

And the moral of this story is…. when they write to tell you the interest rate is going up  – later!- don’t let your eyes glaze over as you throw the letter in the bin.  Check the proposed rates, and when the time comes watch like a hawk to see if it is the rate being offered online.    Keep after them and they might actually have to work for their profits, instead of creaming off ours.

~ by tgroom57 on October 3, 2006.

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